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Reserve Your Free, 30 Minute Solar Power Assessment & Discover How You Can Slash THOUSANDS Off Your Power Bill & Beat Australia's Soaring Energy Prices. PLUS, Receive A Custom Solar Panel Blueprint For Your Roof (Value $297)
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Slash Your Electricity Bills By
50% – 60% With Our Range Of CEC Accredited Solar Power

If you’re interested in renewable energy and don’t know where to start, then you’ve come to the right place. At Ever Power Solar, we help everyday Aussie home owners find the right solar solution for their home and save thousands of dollars every year on their energy bills with high quality solar panel systems.

We’re 100% Australian owned and accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia. Plus, our trustworthy team of experts have over 25 years of experience so they know how to get you maximum savings. We also have many package options which we match perfectly to your needs and can take care of the whole installation process in as little as 4 hours.

Don’t Throw Away Your
Hard-Earned Money To The
Horde Of Scammers Waiting
To Steal From You

The solar industry is rife with rip-off artists and unqualified contractors. Companies under quote and sell poor quality, duplicate solar panels. Others do such a poor job installing the system you spend more fixing it than it cost in the first place. You also end up out of pocket thousands because these companies vanish when your system needs repair.

Our quotes are fixed-price so you know there won’t be dodgy surcharges, our CEC accredited installers do it right the first time and we have a dedicated support team to help you if you have any trouble. We’ll also give you a detailed roof analysis to help you compare quotes from different providers and ensure they meet your needs. This means we cost a little more than cheap and nasty operations, however our customers love the added peace of mind.

Claim Your Free Solar Panel Assessment Now
Protect Yourself From The Ruthless Industry Sharks & Get A Solar Panel System Matched Perfectly To Your Roof & Unique Power Requirements (Value $297)

Here’s Just a Mere Fraction of What You’ll Discover In Your
Free Consultation…

  • WARNING: Don’t Switch To Solar Without Reading This First

    We’ll reveal the number one mistake when switching to solar – you won’t believe how common this mistake is and it costs people THOUSANDS!

  • The Truth About Reducing Your Power Bill With Solar Panels

    Stop needlessly giving hundreds of dollars to greedy electricity companies every month and put the money back in your pocket where it belongs!

  • 3 Simple Steps To Protect Yourself Against Solar Panel Swindlers

    We’ll reveal how you can easily avoid the biggest rip-off artists in the business with these 3 easy and straightforward tips from our team of experts!

  • How To Boost Your Property’s Value By $20,000 In A Matter Of Days

    You’ll discover the easiest and quickest way to future-proof your property and instantly add tens of thousands of dollars to your home’s resale value

  • The Correct Way To Take Advantage Of Governments Rebates

    So many people don’t do their research on the government rebates and miss out on THOUSANDS of dollars they are entitled to – don’t let it happen to you!

Claim Your Free Solar Panel Assessment Now
Protect Yourself From The Ruthless Industry Sharks & Get A Solar Panel System Matched Perfectly To Your Roof & Unique Power Requirements (Value $297)

Free Report Exposes The Dirty Secrets Of The Solar Industry And How You Can Spot A Rip-off Artist From A Mile Away

5 Filthy Scams Of The Solar Panel Con Artists

For a strictly limited time you can get a FREE copy of our exclusive consumer guide: ‘5 Filthy Scams Of The Solar Panel Con Artists (#3 Costs Aussie Families Millions Of Dollars Every Year)’. In this free report you’ll discover…

  • The number one question you absolutely MUST ask your solar panel provider – and how not asking could cost you thousands of dollars

  • The underhanded tactics of dodgy solar panel installers and how they rip you off – these sly crooks will take your money and run for the hills!

  • 3 simple ways to spot poor quality panels – don’t get left with inferior panels which cost more to replace than they’re worth in the first place!

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    Future Proof Your Home
    Against Australia’s Surging
    Energy Prices By Switching
    To Solar Today!

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that electricity rates skyrocketed by 12.4% last year alone, more than 6 times than the average pay rise! With the government sitting on their backsides doing nothing about it, those prices are only going to get higher.

    We have a vast range of different solar packages we can customise to fit your property and budget which can slash your electricity bill by up to 60%. It’s the perfect way for you to help the environment, reduce your monthly energy expenses and increase the value of your home by up to $20,000!

    Get The Maximum Possible
    Savings On A Quality Solar
    System Which Is Right For
    Your Roof

    Many solar power companies try to sell cheap, unsafe panels which aren’t right for your roof. Our skilled staff take the time to analyse your roof and tailor a customised blueprint to it so we know which panels will work best for you. We only install proven panels made from the best materials too.

    Not only are they designed to last decades, they are carefully constructed to maximise the Sun’s power. Our systems pay for themselves in less than 5 years which is much shorter than the low-quality panels found in cheap systems. This means you’ll pocket the savings of your solar panel system much sooner.

    Claim Your Free Solar Panel Assessment Now
    Protect Yourself From The Ruthless Industry Sharks & Get A Solar Panel System Matched Perfectly To Your Roof & Unique Power Requirements (Value $297)

    6 Simple Steps To Enjoy Solar Savings …

    Claim Your Free 30-Minute
    Consultation And We’ll Get In Touch

    Simply fill out your details below and we’ll be in contact to organise a time which suits you to meet and discuss your home’s energy requirements

    We Analyse Your Power Bills And
    Work Out What You Need

    We discuss your current energy situation and look through the fine-print of your energy supplier so we can work out how to easily switch you to solar

    Our Experts Tailor Make A Solar
    Panel Plan For Your Property

    We’ll give you a comprehensive blueprint which details the most appropriate layout of solar panels you’ll need to effectively and efficiently power your home

    We Match The Best Solar Panels With
    Your Roof For Maximum Savings

    We’ll discuss the different brands of solar panels and work out which ones will suit your roof and make your investment back in the shortest possible time

    You Give Us The Go Ahead And
    Make The Switch To Solar

    Within 15 days of your initial session our installers will skilfully set your panels in place while you relax in the Aussie sun which will soon power your home

    We Continue Working For You Even
    After We’ve Finished

    We’ll put you in contact with our dedicated after sales team so you can sleep easy knowing the answers to any future questions are only a phone call away

    Claim Your Free Solar Panel Assessment Now
    Protect Yourself From The Ruthless Industry Sharks & Get A Solar Panel System Matched Perfectly To Your Roof & Unique Power Requirements (Value $297)

    The Ever Power Solar Triple Guarantee

    In the unlikely event you’re not completely satisfied with our quality of service and the savings our panels provide, you’ll be covered by our TRIPLE guarantee which is unheard of in the industry. We ensure your solar panels are correctly setup to perform at their highest from day one – and if there are any issues, we fix them no questions asked! Here’s how it works:

    10 Year Installation

    Our solar panels are fitted by licensed electricians – so you can rest easy knowing they’ll be perfectly installed the first time. If you run into any issues in the first 10 years, we’ll fix them completely FREE!

    25 Year Performance

    Our panels are made from the highest quality materials which are among the best in the industry. If you experience any problems with them in the first 25 years, we’ll replace them completely free!

    Energy Savings

    We’re so confident in the efficiency of our solar panel systems, that if your electricity savings don’t pay off your panels within 5 years – we’ll write you a cheque for $1000! You have absolutely nothing to lose.

    Claim Your Free Solar Panel Assessment Now
    Protect Yourself From The Ruthless Industry Sharks & Get A Solar Panel System Matched Perfectly To Your Roof & Unique Power Requirements (Value $297)

    In Just A Few Short Months We’ve Helped 100+ Satisfied Customers Make The
    Switch To Solar…

    Claim Your Free, 30-Minute Solar Power Assessment + Detailed Roof Analysis (Valued At $297)

    In less then 30 minutes, we’ll match you with the solar panels perfectly suited to your home and lifestyle. We’ll also reveal all the dirty tricks of the solar industry so you can separate the facts from the fiction and make an educated decision on which solar panels to buy.

    PLUS, we’ll undertake a detailed analysis of your roof and provide you with a comprehensive blueprint which details the optimum amount of solar panels you’ll need to maximise your home’s solar power efficiency.

    During your free no obligation 30-minute session we’ll reveal …

    • How to take advantage of the Australian Government’s solar power rebate (STC Government Rebate) to put some extra money in your pocket

    • 7 sneaky ways other solar companies deceive their customers – and how you can spot a dodgy, rip-off solar company a mile away

    • How to quickly and easily maximise your solar savings and make your solar investment cash flow positive from day one - so you pay NOTHING upfront

    • 5 fatal mistakes home owners make when choosing a solar panel provider – and how you can avoid them

    • The NUMBER ONE way to increase your home’s value by up to $20,000 without having to lift a finger

    • 3 critical questions solar panel providers dread you asking – and how not knowing the answers to these could cost you THOUSANDS every single year

    You must be quick though because these consultations are strictly limited. We’re committed to giving our clients the attention they deserve so we can only make time for 20 of these free sessions each month.

    If you happen to be unlucky number 21, we’re sorry but you’ll need to wait for more spots to open. Do NOT delay, fill in your details below now and one of our professional team members will be in touch shortly to organise your session.

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